Microsoft Security Essentials 2014 Free Anti-Virus Review

Microsoft Corporation is the Boss of software sector till date. It was introduced Morro in last decade of the previous century and same was upgraded and renamed as Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE). This version was been provided with IE (Internet Explorer) but time has brought lots of competition in security program with other similar security programs like Kaspersky, Norton, Avira, Avg and many more. So, Microsoft Security Essentials 2014 (officially MSE 4) has not included with any version of Windows but it offers free for personal use or small business establishments.

Microsoft Security Essentials

Microsoft Security Essentials 2014 Free Anti-Virus Review

One thing, I can say that MSE is not filled with non essential features for an antivirus or anti-malware tool, normally have with others. Some time it may be affected normal performance of computer but after a few scans of the system, it will work faster than before. Previously MSE was also quite adept at detecting threats for OS, but more recently it has been upgraded with latest technology of cyber security along with offline prevent formulas. MSE never shows zero-day threats to translate in the ways of protecting PC or laptops instantly. MSE 2014 works perfectly with Windows Defender, which works as eliminator of spyware and malware.

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This version of MSE upgraded with more user friendly UI. MSE users can enable manual and auto scan with full or custom scan button. This version’s settings tab offers most of the usual quick controls and though the default scheduled scan is done every Sunday. Hence it assumes that holiday will not affect installed PC’s security matters. The MSE is used by maximum advanced users for easy processing and installation on Windows XP(sp1, sp2 and sp3), Vista, Windows-7 and Windows-8.

Microsoft Security Essentials 2014

Pros of MSE 2014:

MSE does a great job by protecting an already-clean system automatically. It bears good ratings from independent antivirus test labs only for it is founded by “Microsoft” and offers free to “Windows users”. Another good point is that it scans zip archives files too.

Instant Download Microsoft Security Essentials-2014

Cons of MSE 2014:

“MSE-4 version” unusually slowly scans any system which takes 2 hours 42 minutes for competition. Normally it fails to run on testing scans. Another disadvantage is that it has low detection rate in case of ‘malware’ and ‘spyware’ cleanup testing. More horrible thing is that it fails to clean up threats which are detected lately or never alerted.

Microsoft Security Essentials 2014 Antivirus

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Microsoft Security Essentials 2014(MSE 4.0)” may not be perfect security program for those users who are newbie or lack of knowledge about Antivirus. Because it can not perform good job with effected computers, if any computer is affected with any suspicious programs then it will not able to clean the system fully. So, security experts have suggested to use (prefer) other simple anti virus program instead of “MSE-1024”. MSE-2014 captures maximum spaces at the time of scan as user can not able to perform other works in the system when it will be going to scan period. However, the MSE anti virus program is said to be the 2nd most popular security software in the world due to one of the product of Microsoft Incorporation.
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