Best Antivirus for Windows 7

All Time Best antivirus for windows 7 for 2014

It is a great question to every computer user that why we use Antivirus Software for PC or laptop? Especially when it comes to Windows7 then it will be more important issue for users. It is known to all, that the security built-in to Microsoft Windows 7 is better than any other version of Windows. It is quite sure that Windows has increasing number of security measures than any other operating system. However, Windows gives base level security for operating system, so users are recommended to install reliable third party security softwares and these security softwares are called Antivirus programs. There are thousands of antivirus programs available online but only a few of them are really reliable and trust worthy. Our today’s article tries to give details of antivirus program those can protect PC or laptops running with Windows7 operating system.

Best Antivirus for Windows 7

Present times are hard in nature and there are only a few who wish to bear large amount to buy top level antivirus programs but most of the companies now also allow users, free version of their product for a trial period. It may be trustworthy that best performing security softwares are rare such as Norton, BitDefender, Kaspersky, Avg, Avast, Panda Security Cloud and a few more. However these are major names and cost saving security programs for Windows7 operating system.

Here is the complete list of antivirus programs for Windows7 operating system security. Our article data is based on the independent lab testing results from

Antivirus for Windows 7 Operating System lab testing:

Germany based security testing lab AV-Test has recently completed an experiment on Windows7 operating system’s security and their experiment covered all the features of major antivirus programs.

1. No security program is perfect but only a few deliver to the said performance such as Norton, BitDefender, Kaspersky, Avg, Avast etc.

2. Bitdefender or Kaspersky are best at repairing pre-existing infections but Norton fails.

3. Maximum programs block malware that attempts to attack via web browsing, Chat (instant messaging), email and USB thumb drives modes.

4. Maximum programs allow schedule scans to run during times.

5. Only a few have quality support team and regular upgrading of database.

Recommended Antivirus for Windows7 OS:

A. Microsoft Security Essentials:

Presently it can be observed that the computer running with Windows 8 comes with a built-in Windows Defender but the Windows Defender in Windows 7 is a little different from them. User can install the free version of Microsoft Security Essentials which adds the same level of protection for Windows7. Experts say that MSE is an integral part of Windows and easy to use. So, we can say that if Microsoft continues to make its own free Windows antivirus for users then there is no need to buy extra security programs for Windows7.

Microsoft Security Essentials

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However, if you want to use third party antivirus program for your operating system then you must try one of the anti viruses given below which are really better for Windows7 operating System.

B. Avast Free Antivirus [FREE]

Above mentioned test results says that Avast's Antivirus found 99 percent of all known threats from Windows7 operating system, which is the industry’s average performance. More important thing is the way Avast deals with zero-day threats for Windows7.

Avast Antivirus

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C. AVG Anti-Virus [FREE]:

AVG antivirus can detect 99% of the known threats and it is the industry average for security programs. There are two version of this program such as free and paid version but both version work excellently for Windows7.
AVG Antivirus

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D. Panda Cloud Antivirus:

Panda antivirus is one of the ventures from cloud antivirus security programs. It works excellently with Windows7 for scanning computer and for detection of potential threats and viruses in the system.

Panda Cloud Antivirus

E. Avira Antivir Personal:

Avira is a serving security industry from very long period and their scanning and threat detection methods are excellent for Windows7. There are both versions available online, i.e. Paid and Free version and they come with spyware detection and malware detection kits.

 Avira Antivir Personal
Reviewer’s view:

Thousands of security programs are available on internet that is the World Wide Web, so if your operating system runs with Windows7 then you must definitely try to secure it via any one of the above mentioned antivirus program. Honestly, free version and paid version have a completely different picture. Free version needs to be exchanged every 30 days but paid version allows 365 days of fully secured scanning usage and results indeed.
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